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* In 2015 we helped 50 000 customers find an energy plan to meet their needs

Our Mission: to inform the consumer

The Spanish energy market opened to competition in 2009, allowing both small and large companies to enter the energy market and offer competitive rates ever since.

Selectra was born in 2013 with the mission of informing consumers of the options available in the Spanish energy market and providing a meeting point between the new companies and Spanish energy users.

8 million unique visitors to Selectra group's pages in 2014

Key Figures

5 million in revenues in 2014

200 associates across Europe

The startup Selectra

2007 : foundation

Selectra was born in 2007 when Xavier Pinon and Aurian Maupeou saw a need for more information about the opportunities following the liberalization of French energy markets. Though still students of the prestigious Sciences Po Paris, the energy and vision of the young entrepreneurs (aged only 19 and 20) won the trust of major energy firms to sell their products.

Selectra in the world

>With energy markets throughout the world opening to competition, Selectra has been able to replicate its business model internationally. Selectra Spain was the company's first experience abroad, in early 2013. Jaime Arbona and Gonzalo Lahera , founding partners of Selectra in Madrid, have managed to make the company the leader in energy comparisons in Spain in just over two years. Selectra is currently present in 12 countries spread across Europe in addition to subsidiaries in Japan and Turkey.

Selectra, experts on saving on all bills

Since 2015, Selectra also helps consumers reduce their mobile phone and internet bills. Selectra collaborates with various telecommunications operators present in Spain with the aim of offering the widest range of price options possible.

Our Team


Selectra Spain has come a long way since its beginnings in Madrid with only 6 employees, counting 100 employees by the end of 2015. Professional merit and involvement are the most important factors in your professional development at Selectra, and are the keys to your success with us.

Selectra group


Jaime Arbona

Jaime Arbona

Industrial engineer from the University of Seville, Jaime Arbona did his final year at the prestigious engineering school Ecole Centrale de Paris while working at Carrefour Group as project manager in the Department of Strategy. It was during his time in Paris when he met Aurian de Maupeou and Xavier Pinon and decided to quit his job to devote himself to the project Selectra.

Gonzalo Lahera

Gonzalo Lahera

Gonzalo Lahera also is an industrial engineer from the University of Seville, and studied at the Ecole Centrale de Paris. Before starting with Selectra he worked as a proposal manager at Air Liquide.


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